Mansa K. Mussa

Mansa K. Mussa

Art of DanCe

I am a dance artist.
I performed the traditional dances of West African and
The Yoruba on the concert dance stage.
I taught Traditional West African Dance from
The 13th Century Old Mali Empire,
to little ‘uns, children, teens, and adults.

I love to watch people Dance.
I love to take pictures of People Dancing.
I love to draw pictures of people Dancing and,
I love to collage people Dancing.

During my career as a Dance ArTist I have been a:
Company and Solo performer
Dance Teacher
Administrative Director
Drawer, Painter, and Collagist
Costume Maker
Graphic Designer
Set Designer
Lighting Designer
Board Member

The words of the late Joseph V. Nash, a dancer and Black Dance Historian, sum up my feelings about today’s dancers.

Author: Joseph V. Nash

“The black dancer of today is more than a highly trained practitioner of a particular dance style. He is a political activist, administrator, philosopher, writer, historian, educator, fund-raiser, and community organizer, serving the cause of black liberation.

“From Maine to California, whether in settlement houses or community action centers, on college campuses, or improvised stages in ghetto areas, the black dance/artist/choreographer/teacher is the new “frontman” whose talents and skills are in the cause of freedom, social justice, and the creation of a more human society.”

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